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The Best Energy Research on the Street

Heikkinen Energy Advisors Equity Research FirmHeikkinen Energy Advisors (HEA) is an equity research firm focused on high-quality independent research of Exploration & Production, Oilfield Service and Midstream companies and assets. We strive to provide the highest quality research for our institutional investors and corporate clients.

HEA is a trusted advisor to more than 150 of the largest and most specialized energy sector investors including asset managers, pension funds, hedge funds, family offices, and private equity investors.

HEA currently publishes research on over 70 publicly traded companies in addition to energy specific geologic and geographic thematic reports.  We provide our clients with the most extensive and dynamic financial models on the Street, as well as our Company Research Notes, Investment Thesis and Catalyst Reports, Company Tear Sheets, Forced Ranking Metrics and Basin Reports. This information can be easily accessed through our online research room and/or the iOS App, HEA Connect.

An Equity Research Firm with the Right People, in the Right Places

HEA was founded in December of 2012. Our team of professionals has over 200 years of relevant industry experience and the research team’s 100+ years of cumulative industry experience is by far the most of any peers.

“We have the right people in the right places and we use technology aggressively to enable a small group of people to do more together than they could have done individually. We’re not afraid to do things differently, and we actually want to. That is what lets us be successful.”  ~David Heikkinen

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Heikkinen Energy Advisors (HEA) is headquartered in Houston, Texas with offices in Dallas and New Orleans, Louisiana. Contact us to be added to our daily email distribution list and learn how to access HEA Connect to download our research.