HEA Corporate Services

HEA Corporate Services

HEA Corporate works directly with corporate clients to augment their decision making and strategic capabilities. From integrated modeling and analysis to strategic advice, our focus is always where we will add the most value.  The workflow is custom to each company but is always focused on providing real-time financial analysis of our modeled universe and applying it uniquely.

Blue Wave

HEA’s subsidiary, Blue Wave is a non-operated working interest company focused on joint ventures with best in class operators in targeted US oil and gas plays. We partner with operators to acquire assets and “step into” assets currently held by an operating partner. Our goal is to provide developmental upside and downside protection to our investors. We are committed to maintaining alignment with our operators and creating value and returns for all parties involved in our partnerships.

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HEA Corporate is focused on creating value for corporate clients where they need it most. Contact us to learn more about how we can partner with you to help shape your company’s strategic direction.