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HEA Connect is our online research room, providing access to cutting-edge research in the energy sector. Our equity research firm provides high-quality research of Exploration and Production, Oilfield Services, and Midstream companies and assets.

With HEA Connect, you can select from research content on over 70 publicly traded companies as well as energy specific geologic and geographic theme reports.

From the Research Room

Morning Notes: A daily “must read” for energy investors and managers.

Company Notes: are a more detailed analysis of individual company performance from asset, equity, and debt perspectives.

HEA Metrics: Weekly summaries of Equity Stuff that Matters, Valuation Sheets, and Price Performance.

Research Reports: In-depth analysis on market/macro trends, basin analysis, and company initiation reports.

Models: Excel-based forecasting tools that are the foundation of HEA analysis.

Data & Analysis: Analyst “toolbox” – demand models, rig counts, GIS shape files, production summaries, etc.

Commodity Corner: Internal and external thoughts on oil, gas, and NGL markets.

Debt Stuff: Debt perspectives and quarterly Debt Stuff that Matters updates.

Basins: Sub-divided USA “lower-48” asset analysis across operators and time.